Ivan Zhitiyanov, Telelink Business Services Executive Director, @DigitalK

Ivan Zhitiyanov, Telelink Business Services Executive Director, has participated DigitalK 2018 and spoke about the hackers business model, the investment and the development of the cyber security sector.

Ivan Zhitiyanov and Alex Litvak, Manager of the Israeli cyber-security company SafeBreach, spoke on cyber-security prevention and handling, affordable protection and cyber-security automation at the annual DigitalK conference.

They shared their experiences and observations that show how cyber-attacks are growing in alarming proportions and cause many financial and legal damage, both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations vulnerable. It turns out that a small business or a small local market is not a barrier, on the contrary – hackers try their work first on smaller markets and businesses before they hit their main goals.

The Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC) by Telelink allows organizations get visibility, control, and recommendations on improving their security posture for a fixed and predictable monthly fee.