Manage the data

Proper data lifecycle governance and management protects your business and your customers

Data is one of your major assets – handle it effectively and with care

Data is one of the most important assets an organization possess because it defines each organization’s uniqueness. The ability to protect, access quickly and efficiently store data is of a paramount importance in the digital age. Volumes of data are growing exponentially, you need to store data efficiently and in the same time be able to access it in a fast and robust way. Cybersecurity risks are growing in the same way, pushing every organization to enforce compressive strategies for protecting itself. The importance of efficient data management is in the spotlight, now, more than ever with regulations like GDPR coming in effect. Telelink’s partnerships with leading data protection providers and our experience in building comprehensive data management solutions will help you choose the best option, tailored for your business.

Expertise areas

  • Structured and unstructured databases
  • Data modeling
  • Data governance
  • Data cataloging
  • Data movement (extract, transform, load)
  • Big data

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