Critical infrastructure security

Secure the assets that are essential for the functioning of society and economy

To guarantee the smooth operation of any business or economy their key assets need to be properly protected – power generation, transmission and distribution, water supply, transportation, public health and security, IT and many more.

Physical or virtual, critical infrastructure is vital for any society, government or enterprise. The vast variety of threats requires an all-hazard approach. From physical fences to cyber security, our technology consultants, professional services and vendor cooperation can help you reduce vulnerabilities and increase resilience of your most valued assets.

Expertise areas

  • Critical Infrastructure Security and Monitoring
    • Multi megapixel CCTV
    • Integrated Physical Security Systems (PSIM)
    • Sensors fences and Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)
    • Thermal surveillance
    • Video-analytics
    • Communications and physical infrastructure
  • Border Security
    • Stationary surveillance facilities
    • Mobile surveillance systems
    • Long range thermal cameras
    • Radars
    • Integrated software platform