30% of All Global Datathon Participants Worked on Telelink’s Case

Mentors and Industry Experts evaluated 26 solutions of all the 140 participants across the 11 countries during the Global Datathon 2018 2.0. This was a weekend-long competition where participants are challenged to work on a real-world business case from different areas of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science.

The teams had 48 hours to come up with a solution to a real business challenge based on the provided datasets. Telelink actively participated in the event as well by providing a real-word business case, tips on how to approach the topic and mentor on the spot. During this two-day marathon , our team guided and walked through the steps of building a predictive analytics algorithm on a familiar and close to the community topic – the air quality.

Telelink’s case was preferred by 6 teams (which is 30% of all the participants), who passionately worked on finding the solution and developing it to something creative and innovative as approach.

We are proud that the Audience Winner and the second Finalist are the teams who worked on Telelink’s case!